Manny Starr

Managing Partner,
Frontier Law Center

Manny Starr is at the forefront of innovation for legal technology. Learn how he is using Eve to help him work through key legal tasks 5X faster.
The Journey

Meet Manny

Meet Manny Starr - he is on the cutting edge when it comes to leveraging AI to supercharge his firm’s legal work. Manny is the owner and managing partner of Frontier Law Center, which focuses primarily on plaintiff-side employment law. Since before he even became a lawyer, he has been on a mission to push technological innovation within the legal profession.

Resolve cases faster

During his legal career, Manny identified two competing interests which have historically posed a challenge:
1) the desire to gather as much information about a case as possible in order to have a holistic view of all of the facts, and
2) the need to distill a case down to just the key facts in order to be laser focused on the information necessary to win the case.

However, it became clear that the more information gathered, the more difficult it was to focus on the key facts.

As Manny put it, there was a "serious problem with information overload." Indeed, extracting relevant facts out of pages and pages of unstructured notes, transcripts, produced documents, etc. was an arduous and time-consuming process. The desire to gather as much information as possible was at odds with the need to litigate a case efficiently and effectively. “The goal is to be the most knowledgeable person in the room” - that’s an easy path to success. The question for lawyers should be - how do you get to that point most efficiently?

Manny realized that AI, and large language models specifically, were the key to solving this problem. With the help of AI, it would be possible for an attorney to input large volumes of unstructured data and case information and get back a focused and organized case fact summaries and theories. Being an innovator, and with a background in technology, Manny attempted to tackle the problem himself by building an internal AI tool – a herculean endeavor. However, after the scope of the project became significantly larger than anticipated, he looked into the market’s offerings – which is when he found Eve.

Eve joints the team

Eve was the only product Manny found that could take large volumes of unstructured case information, ingest it quickly, and then give him back what he needed. Manny describes Eve as a funnel: “I’ll throw in a nine-page transcript from an hour-long call, and then ask Eve to give me all the relevant information. She’ll give me a brief case summary, tell me what claims are present, who the witnesses are, give a case timeline – the list goes on.” With each step, Eve narrows the information to the most important and actionable pieces.

Supercharged Work Product

With Eve, Frontier Law Center has been able to significantly increase its caseload, while simultaneously increasing the quality of representation. When Frontier Law Center was served with over a hundred special interrogatories, Manny put Eve to work on the case. He plugged the requests into Eve, who boiled them down into 10 key topics. Then Manny uploaded relevant case transcripts and documents into Eve, and in the next few seconds, Eve was able to respond to over 30% of the interrogatories automatically. For the remaining questions, Eve created an email for the client asking for the remaining information.

“What would have been several days of work, we completed in 45 minutes”.

Time saved means happier cleints

We asked Manny what he does with all this time saved:
“I still spend the same amount of time working on a case, I can just do 5 times more work in the same timespan. The quality of work we deliver is just that much better, resulting in more satisfied clients."

What the future holds

Manny sees huge potential as Eve's capabilities continue to grow and improve. He wants to ensure he integrates her into his workflows today, so that as Eve, and the underlying technology gets better, his firm’s output will grow exponentially.

In 2023, generative AI technology is still in its formative years. But as Manny points out, "it still provides a tremendous amount of value. The technology is very new, so it’s only going to get better.” For Manny, partnering with Eve is about "supercharging your work product" even in these early days. And being at the forefront of the new technology allows Frontier Law Center to stay ahead of the curve, not running to catch up. This technology is going to become a key differentiator: for Manny it’s already a competitive advantage.

Manny's advice

We asked Manny for one piece of advice for firms that are planning to adopt AI technology. “Adoption relies on showing attorneys and support staff specific examples of Eve at work – and blowing their minds in real time.” As Manny explained, "You need to demonstrate a real-world use case.” He suggests taking a task your team is working on and adding Eve to the workflow - creating a tangible difference live.

Ready for Eve to 5X your efficiency?