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Your first legal AI hire.

Eve is your first personalized AI-based legal assistant that helps you with time-consuming tasks throughout your case lifecycle,
just like an extra member of your team.

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Eve is more than just software — Eve your legal superpower.

With Eve as your trusted sidekick, you'll have the superpowers to do in a day, what a team would do in a week.
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Offload low-value tasks on Eve

Delegate repetitive, low-value legal tasks to Eve like document review and drafting routine motions. Free up your time to focus on high-level case aspects.

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Delight your clients

Do more with the same.
By enhancing your productivity, Eve helps you do more: deliver more for each case and take on more clients without getting overwhelmed.

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Supercharge your process

Eve diligently reviews your documents and case files, extracting key details in minutes versus hours. Eve will help you synthesize more data, quicker - helping you be best-prepared.

Utilize Eve’s vast skill set, and watch it learn more

Think of Eve as a qualified, recent law school grad, eager to learn more. Eve knows how to review, analyze, summarize documents, research, and draft. But is constantly learning new skills - growing with you. 
Document Review and Analysis

Extract and keep track of key data, facts, and summaries from one or many documents. Analyze documents for key insights, potential arguments, and identify next steps.

Case Investigation

Quickly summarize the intake interview, identify key facts, and outline potential claims.Thoroughly analyze specific claims, identify additional information that should be gathered to help make a claim.

Document Drafting

Assist with key document drafting throughout the case proceedings. Draft demand letters, routine trial motions, appeal letters and more!

Legal Research

Strengthen arguments by analyzing millions of legal opinions to find precedent that strongly supports the complaint and key facts of the case.

Trusted by over 1000 lawyers

What some of our customers say about us:

"Eve's platform provides flexibility and customization options, allowing us to develop specific strategies and prompts and save them as "skills," which can be shared throughout our organization." 

Andre Marais Headshot

Andre Marais

Principal Patent Attorney
Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner

“What would have been several days of work, we completed in 45 minutes.”

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Manny Starr

Managing Partner
Frontier Law Center

Teach Eve your process, not the other way around

Onboard a team member that will learn you and your firm’s process. Don't reinvent the wheel. Have Eve learn your firm's process, giving your secret sauce an extra kick.

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Turn time savings into high-quality, high-ROI work for your clients.

Manny Starr Profile
“Eve transformed the way we work”

Manny Starr

Managing Partner, Frontier Law Center

Why Eve

See Immediate Value

Eve is ready to use out-of-the-box. Whether you’re working on ad-hoc questions, or an extensive project, Eve can help. Our ready-to-use library of legal skills covers a wide range of firm types, practice areas, and use cases.

Customized to Your Needs

Eve is the only solution in the market that can be personalized to align to your preferences and processes. Easily create custom “skills” and perform tasks your way, eliminating the need for repetitive setup.

AI-Native Company - built by experienced AI and ML engineers

We are founded by AI and ML engineers with over 15 years of experience in the field. This enables us to channel our expertise into creating top-tier AI solutions at the forefront of technology, leading the way, not running to catch-up.

Security, integrity, and rigor that match the demands of the legal profession.

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Your data is YOURS

Our top priority is security. Rest assured that your data stays secure, and we will never use your data to train our models. Eve is the first legal-AI to receive SOC II Type 2 security.

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Augment don't replace

Eve is not here to replace you, or your brain. She’s here to maximize your team’s abilities.

Eve is committed to supporting all key information with direct quotes and full citations. Just as with any team member, check Eve’s work with rigor, and create teaching moments to improve workflows.

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