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Archuleta Law Firm

EJ Archuleta is leveraging Eve to supercharge his staff, helping them do 3X more. His firm is already able to increase case intake capacity by 20% by integrating Eve (and without expanding headcount).
The Journey

Meet EJ

EJ Archuleta, of the Archuleta Law Firm, has dedicated the past 7 years to representing veterans, servicemembers, and their families in medical malpractice cases involving the United States Government. EJ's practice is a leader in both technological advancements and advocacy in the complicated realm of personal injury and medical malpractice litigation.

Challenges Before Eve

Before the integration of AI tools, the Archuleta Law Firm faced challenges typical of litigation-focused practices. EJ comments: "litigation in general and medical malpractice in particular are incredibly information heavy practices." Each case requires the meticulous review of vast amounts of documentation and evidence, for example to identify breaches in the standard of care in dense medical documents. This process is time-consuming and demands a high level of expertise and focus.

As a nationwide practice, the firm receives a large number of client intakes. Traditional methods of evaluating intakes are very labor-intensive, require specialized training, and are time-intensive. Oftentimes, information is provided to the firm in various unstructured formats and files that must be reviewed. Due to these factors, the intake process was one of the biggest areas for efficiency improvement for the firm.

Growing with AI

Seizing the opportunity to enhance efficiency in handling complex cases, EJ decided to integrate Eve into the operations of his firm. The decision was driven by the desire to leverage cutting-edge AI technology to streamline processes and improve case outcomes. This strategic move was aimed at transforming the firm’s approach to casework by augmenting the most labor-intensive parts of their workflow.

The Ethics of Security

EJ looked at multiple generative AI solutions as he embarked on the AI journey. He kept a particular focus on the data privacy and security of the platform, making sure that the vendor he chose prioritized client data handling just as much as he did. EJ notes “one of the key steps in making sure your use of AI is ethical, is to make sure that you’re using a secure platform”. 

Eve stood out in its approach to privacy and security, not just using zero-retention APIs, but building the platform from the ground up to ensure data was siloed for increased security. Eve is SOC II Type 2 certified and HIPAA compliant, a core requirement for a law firm like EJ’s, as he puts it: “finally a platform where we can have all the compliance that we need, while leveraging all the power of AI!”

The Intake Process Redefined with Generative AI

After implementing Eve, the firm was able to improve its intake process by enabling intake staff to complete full case reviews in a fraction of the time - resulting in faster case decisions and more clients.

Prior to using Eve, client intakes took significant time to review, specialized knowledge, and up to a few hours to determine case viability. Now, with Eve's advanced AI capabilities, this process has been reduced by upwards of 50%. This dramatic decrease in time has not only accelerated the firm's ability to make decisions about new cases but also increased the total number of cases they are able to handle at any given time.

“I estimate a 20% increase in case intake capacity while maintaining the same level of staff.”

Eve has effectively allowed the firm to do more with the same resources, demonstrating the potential of advanced AI technology to significantly enhance productivity and expand a firm’s capacity without the need for proportional increases in human resources.

A Comprehensive View of a Case

What’s EJ’s favorite feature of Eve? How Eve visualizes the work that the user takes on - providing a comprehensive view of each case. “Working on a case in Eve, you can see your documents, and work with Eve on the analysis, all in one screen, making sure your context is included with your outputs.” 

For EJ, a more efficient case intake is only the start, and Eve’s built-for-legal platform allows him to take on every task, from intake through the resolution of a case. Eve’s unique organization centers the AI around the case, allowing users to take on all sorts of tasks, in one centralized place - instead of disjointed tabs across the platform. For example, if a staff member needs to get “ramped-up” on a case quickly, they can easily find and review all the work that has been done previously, and know which tasks are next up. 

Happier Staff, Happier Clients

EJ also values that Eve has helped his staff learn quicker, and feel more autonomy and ownership on complicated tasks. Seeing the context of a case or a specific task, say the medical chronology in a suit, “allows staff to understand more about the process and to help find key pieces of information in case documents, especially for lay people, without medical or legal backgrounds”. For EJ’s team this significantly lowers the amount of time spent searching for the right information, letting the team work swiftly through key steps - increasing overall case throughput.

Best of all this also allows the firm to serve clients swiftly and efficiently, getting results back with greater speed and efficiency. They’re able to generate updates, requests, and summaries for clients in a language that the client will understand, and put their comfort with the case first.

Future Vision and Advice

EJ envisions a future where AI technology like Eve becomes integral to legal practices, enhancing their capabilities and efficiency. He advises other law firms considering adopting AI to view it as a practical necessity to better serve their clients. Emphasizing the importance of using every available tool to represent clients effectively, EJ predicts that AI will lead to firms operating with fewer lawyers, as AI helps multiply their time and resources. He encourages firms to "choose AI solutions that are scalable, compliant, and forward-looking", ensuring they are prepared for the evolving landscape of legal services.

Eve is "enabling us to do at least three times as much."

Parting Thoughts

"Eve acts as a supercharged staff member, enhancing our firm’s capabilities and allowing us to handle more cases efficiently. It's like having an in-tune colleague that supercharges our staff, enabling us to do at least three times as much." EJ says there’s a new benchmark for how legal AI should impact legal practices - the conversion should be how many times better will this make legal teams.

Ready to supercharge your team?