AI-powered law firms are not the future... they are the now

So, what does it mean to be an AI-Native law firm?

AI-Native law firms incorporate AI into their core operations, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, data handling, and client results without adding cost.

Eve’s team works to bring you an AI solution that aligns with your firm’s key processes, preferences, and procedures to speed up your execution and accuracy for each matter.

Building AI-Native Firms


Work to understand firm strategy and process. Create a solution that bolsters key strategic initiatives.


Educate and empower teams to become super-users, employing best practices to receive the best results.


Bring AI into the firm’s long-term vision. Create a competitive advantage with superior technology and service.

AI as a Competitive Advantage

AI-Native firms utilize AI to win in their markets - providing a better service, without increasing price (or cost).  

“I see the rocket ship taking off and I want to be on it.”

Manny Starr
Managing Partner,
Frontier Law Center

Happy customers and happy staff.

Increase employee satisfaction and retention, as they offload grunt-work and repetitive tasks onto Eve. 

Ramp learning quickly by creating shared processes in Eve for all teams to stay on the same page and minimize teaching moments. 
How it works

Eve's commitment to transformation: 

More output, same workforce 

Utilizing AI as an extra member of the team, adding value and output, without hiring or extensive training.

Better results, faster

Whether you’re spending more time on strategy and client face-time, or getting answers and progress faster, increase your client satisfaction in measurable ways.

Optimal case intake

Take on the best cases, efficiently identifying high-value opportunities, and expanding the types of matters you accept.  
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