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Eve for Labor and Employment

Eve comes pre-built with key skills to support Labor and Employment practices, from case intake through resolution.

Strategic Case Intake

Automate case intake, gathering key information and identifying potential claims. Identify possible claims and key case facts, finding your best cases quickly. 

For example, flag key fact patterns such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, wage and hour violations, or retaliation.

Case Evaluation and Investigation

Analyze case facts to identify potential claims, construct detailed timelines, brainstorms research topics to assess the merits of a case.

For example, create comprehensive notes on promotions, demotions, or any disciplinary actions taken against the employee.

Legal Research

Perform targeted legal research queries using plain-language search and key case fact patterns.

For example, researching case law to support a claim that an employer's actions constituted a hostile work environment under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Negotiation and Demands

Draft persuasive demand letters that clearly outline the legal basis for the claim and the damages sought using your templates and style.

Propounding Discovery Quickly

Create specific discovery requests and draft interrogatories based on case facts and your strategies.

For example, draft an request for document production for all communications related to an employee's complaint of sexual harassment.

Detailed Deposition Prep and Analysis

Develop questions for depositions that probe for inconsistencies or additional information and investigate any discrepancies in testimony collected. 

For example, find discrepancies in reported timelines of events between supervisors and employee testimony. 

Security, integrity, and rigor that match the demands of the legal profession. 


Your data is YOURS

Our top priority is security. Rest assured that your data stays secure, and we will never use your data to train our models. Eve is the first legal-AI to receive SOC II Type 2 security compliance and by HIPAA compliant.

Elevate, don't replace

Eve is not here to replace you, or your brain. Eve is committed to supporting all key information with direct quotes and full citations. 
Just as with any team member, check Eve’s work with rigor, and create teaching moments to improve workflows.