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Introducing Eve

We’re excited to announce the launch of Eve, the first generative AI assistant that you can customize to match your firm’s preferences.
Written by
Jay Madheswaran
Published on
Oct 25, 2023

Introducing Eve

We’re excited to announce the launch of Eve, the first generative AI assistant that you can customize to match your firm’s preferences.

About Us:

In 2020, Jay Madheswaran and Matt Noe built a document extraction tool that drew on Large Language Models (LLMs) to process non-standard documents, even hand-written documents, with incredible precision. Customers adopted the tool rapidly, but started asking for more: a generative AI for legal.

So they listened and built Eve to be a generative AI tool built for the legal profession.

But customers wanted more: a tool that could adjust to their particular needs. Most users have their own preferences, what processes to follow, how to export and format documents, which claims/cases to focus on. 

So they gave Eve super-powers, making her an integral part of the legal team. 

They taught Eve a plethora of skills relevant to the legal industry and let Eve learn individuals’ preferences, processes; their special sauce. 

Meet Eve:

Eve is the first generative AI tool purpose-built for the legal profession that you can train and teach, just like any other member of your team.

Eve helps supercharge how firms conduct document review, case analysis, legal research, and other key tasks. Eve helps teams get through this kind work faster, letting them devote more time to high-value, skilled work. 

Eve is pre-built with key skills to help with multiple use cases and practice areas. She can generate document summaries, identify potential claims from call transcripts, analyze information across multiple documents (e.g., find inconsistencies across deposition testimonies), perform legal research, help draft documents, and much more.  

She is also the first generative AI that can be taught to follow your customized processes - allowing you to maintain your workflows, while speeding up execution, letting you accomplish more for each case, delighting your clients along the way.

“Eve is more than just a piece of software - she's your new legal partner. With her comprehensive knowledge of the law and tireless work ethic, Eve amplifies what you can accomplish.”

Why Choose Eve:

Eve is not just another AI co-pilot. 

  • Customized to Your Needs: Eve is the only legal AI assistant that can be tailored to specific preferences (whether it be style, formatting, or strategy). With Eve you can create custom “skills” and perform tasks your way, eliminating the need for repetitive setup.
  • See Immediate Value: Whether you’re working on ad-hoc questions, or an extensive project, Eve can help right away, with no configuration needed. Our ready-to-use library of legal skills covers a wide range of firm types, practice areas, and use cases.
  • AI-Native Company - built by experienced AI and ML engineers: We are founded by AI and ML engineers with over 15 years of experience in the field. This enables us to channel our expertise into creating top-tier AI solutions at the forefront of technology, leading the way instead of playing catch-up.

Our Vision:

Generative AI is already disrupting many workflows for the legal profession, but it’s only going to grow from here. 

Jay Madheswaran has worked in the AI space for over 15 years, and he’s excited for where the tech is going. In an interview about the present and future of the generative AI industry Jay said: 

“Currently, generative AI today has no reasoning ability - you can’t learn one thing and infer new learnings from it. In the next few years, we’re going to develop that reasoning capability - so our AI can help with larger, more valuable tasks.”

Eve is dedicated to disrupting the legal technology industry, now and in the future. 

“I see the rocket ship taking off, and I want to be on it.” - Manny Starr, Managing Partner, Frontier Law Center 

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